Introducing 'Sorcerer'

Sorcerer a fun puzzle game

simply addictive puzzle game

Introducing…..Sorcerer, the most fun puzzle shooter for desktop & mobile play. The game features three thrilling levels each having a different path on which colored balls make their way to reach the black hole. If they do reach…the game is over. The objective of the game is to shoot a matching color ball against one that is approaching to explode in groups of 3’s or 4’s…sounds simple enough?

Although, a trivial objective the game does have its merit in the excitement that builds as you try your best to cut the chain by exploding ‘tweeners’ , getting the train to move backwards and buying some time. Whats more exciting is the curvy path that the ball takes, for one  it appears long and you think it isn’t overwhelming but the speed of the balls approaching does vary…and you are in for a surprise…’damn!’


No more words….you should try this game immediately! Game play is simple, if you are on a desktop or latop simply move your mouse or hover and click (left) to shoot. Thats it! If you’re playing on mobile, its touch screen sensitive….

Some of the gotchas….this game requires ‘javascript’…all the latest browsers have javascript…go ahead and try out the most addictive but simple game ….Sorcerer.

by Super User Saturday, 10 January 2015 08:37

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