Mix It just got bigger

MixItBigWhat happens when you add infinite scroll and Mix It Shuffle to a gaming site, well you have MixItBig a feature brought to you by Y88.in that allows you to shuffle through the 28,000 odd games like a pack of cards. The MixItBig button appears at the bottom right hand corner of your screen and allows you to continuously add games to the mix by scrolling downwards.

If you take into account the recent innovations brought to you on Y88.in including SocialDJ the youtube mixer, Mix It to rank game order and now MixIt Big to leverage infinite scroll in Mixing behavior, you’d conclude that were on a ‘mixing roll’.

This fun feature which treats games like a pack of cards allows you to ruffle through the games and have fun watching all the games rolling by. This gives you the player a train window view into the wide spectrum of games available on Y88.in , it also eases you and relieves you of the task of searching and finding the right game of choice to play.

The technology aspect of this mashup is actually the fusing of three Jquery technologies, the first by Paul Irish that allows you to scroll infinitely the second by Dessandro that arranges the games like a mason lays bricks and the third by kunkalabs that sorts , ranks and animates the mixing effect.

If you take into account the advanced game tagging feature that destroys itself when misused then you’d say…were having fun bringing you the latest in technology to make your free game more fun.

by Super User Saturday, 13 September 2014 07:06

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