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Soccer FiFa Fever

Soccer Ball Game

Soccer Ball Game

With FIFA world cup 2014 around the corner aren’t we in the mood for a Soccer penalty shootout. With Soccer ball you get all the action as you compete against eleven team from around the world that includes the likes of Italy, Brazil,Argentina,Portugal, France and Germany to mention a few. This game brings all the difference as in the spirit of soccer as you play the three qualifying mathes of the quarter finals. If you succeed at the QF you will proceed to the Semi Finals where you will battle two team to eventually make it to the finals. The best part is the game is decided completely as penalty shoot outs where you have full control over the direction, speed and twist of the ball.


Getting into the game I heuristically chose to be team Italy and was randomly matched up against Sweden. Game play was simple as three meters flash under the screen in your control panel. The first one is the direction meter, I chose a point that was a little to the right of the far right facing post. If I do not twirl the ball at this angle it will head for off the post and will not score a goal, so I moved to the next twist or swing meter and chose a far left in swing the I moderated the power meter to a little under gree and high on yellow meaning moderate power and thrust a goal.

As soon as I was declared winner of the match a post signed that in the adjacent match that we did not witness Portugal just won against Brazil, meaning that I will now have to face off against Portugal in the semis. Using similar scoring strategies I faced off with England in the finals but lost out there. The game is up for grabs lets see how far you make it.