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Walkthrough - Heroes Of Mangara

BeVs lara

Heroes Of Mangara

Given a choice, whom would you choose Bea or Lara?

Considering the fact that Lara Croft of  ’tomb raiders’ comes with excess baggage and the requirements of nearly 600$ in a PS4 or Xbox one, I’d choose Bea, cause she’s free, available and the sexiest archer of the the tower defense series. For those of you who are not aware, the tower defense is a ‘strategy piece’ wherein you make important decisions on the allocations of resources , and sit back and watch your initial assessments perform in the real sim….a bit like what Larry Page does in Google when he thinks of MarkusZucks III and the facebook effect. This game has its origin in ancient china when nulls were military generals...and tsun zoo wrote 'the art of war'....

The Heroes of Mangara is a 16 level game, wherein it appears level 1-5 were designed to let you learn the tricks of the trade, magic spells, types of heroes …and basically get a hang of it. What I don’t understand about the game is the twists introduced with level1 being the landing and the sure progression through levels 7, it becomes apparent that although were invading Mangara the tactical side of the game is more defensive….like we were being raided or something. Guess NoxGames has to twist the story a bit. 


The good part is, your levels are actually saved and you can restart any game at the level where you laid off. It also sports your achievements on an international leader-board….to check your tactical abilities with your peers …for better bench-marking, I guess!

The game has a fair measure of underworld beasts and warriors and of course magic potion- a bit Harry Potter inspired Black Magic with a nice text book that starts of with blank pages and soon becomes a reference of black magic spells achieved through merit.

Meet Helac a level 9 Mage, do you position him in tower 1 or Bea, well Bea is an archer and quite an optimistic one at that but you’d need to simulate through levels one to five to understand their inherent strengths and weaknesses against various beasts of the netherworld and make your tactical decisions as you progress through the levels.

Walkthrough – Level 1

Level 1 of the game presents a clean slate, taking you to the beaches of Mangara where it all starts….’the landing’. Your resources , financially speaking, is only 375$ and you need to make cost decisions here, every hero needs to be housed in a tower that serves as their defense and fortress from the invaders.They come in two varieties a wood tower costs about 60$ and a concrete one about 75$, the heroes wages are governed by labour laws, Mangara headhunters punt Bea at about a hundred a level and Hellac is pricey at about 150$ a level.

A cheat at this stage, is to try to understand the powers and spells of your most potent warriors and raise their skills to their optimum levels. Levels 1-5 maybe a cakewalk,but if you’re not adept by then about the skill sets and effectiveness of the heroes against the various types of attacks and enemies, then you’d find it difficult to manage level 6 upwards.

So in this stage, it will be wise to select Bea over Hellac, as you can use the simulations and dry runs of level 1 to raise her archery skill sets.Assuming you chosse Bea and a tower to house her, that will leave you with about 200$ , not enough to house Hellac…..So dive right in ,click on a tower and place it upon the enemy path and go ahead and recruit  Bea….press the play button on the right corner to start the attack and keep an eye on your wallet at the top of the screen. If Bea is not able to handle the enemy at this stage you have access to limited fire magic power spells to help her through, once your wallet does cross 210 …feel free to add one more tower with Hellac as backup.

The cheat I introduced you to above is a bit unorthodox as you’re getting Hellac to backup Bea; keep in mind our objective is to understand the super powers that come with the heroes and to enable them to graduate their levels….so that they could be more effective in the battles post level 6.

But, in fact both Bea and Hellac have apprentice backups , who are priced at about half of their masters.

In the next part of this two part series, I will introduce you to the beasts of Mangara and most importantly,  the magic spells….but till then feel free to dive into the exciting series of ‘Heroes of Mangara’.

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