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Tower Defense - Plan and execute strategic warfare!

The Tower defense genre of online games also called TD is a game of strategy. The game is played in levels also called rounds and at each round the force of attack increases. Accordingly you need to increase your force of defense by choosing the appropriate ammunition and defense block also called towers.

The game plays on timing and the way you foresee an attack in the next round. From the time you initiate a round up until the end of the round you have almost nothing to do but watch whether your plan had been effective in thwarting the attack. This brings us to the crux of the game ...aka before the round begins...when you only have a limited amount of money to purchase a variety of towers and what choices you make in purchasing them.

Defense towers come in various shapes and sizes and are priced according to their capabilities. Early in the game you will usually find yourself purchasing cheaper towers that simply spray you keep hitting the enemy forces your reward points increase... this brings an additional gain of wartime wealth. Now that your kitty is slightly bigger you may want to purchase towers that have laser guidance systems to effectively hit the bigger and deadlier enemy units.

As you keep playing the game you will find that towers have inherent strength and weaknesses. The cheaper towers maybe short of range and the costlier towers may have a high recoil time making inter enemy hits slower and less successful. You will need to make decisions on which towers to sell so that you can accumulate more money to purchase the more effective towers. This process of adjusting your defense forces through the sale and purchase of towers is your optimization technique.

Optimize your limited resources within the allowed duration to win the game of strategy... tower defense.

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