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gothic lolita

Spark your imagination with a Zombie Game!

When the dead shall walk ...they fight to reclaim...a line up of zombie thriller insanity games including zombie shootout, tower defense and action packed thriller game packs.

This section features a variety of foes against zombies the most fun being zombie vs. spaceman and zombie .

Ganster vs zombie is one of the game friday award winning games that has you pitched as a gangster shooting down zombies as they attack from every direction. In this game you will encounter flying zombies and walking dead, you need to make away with the loot.

Earn to die is an all time favorite zombie thriller and takes you through at-least 66 level packs in which you upgrade your car to a rugged monster truck by gaining reward points. The game also features a workshop wherein you upgrade the fire power of your vehicle and install rotating spears to thwart the attacking zombies as you make your way on the highway through hell.

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Dawn Of The Celebs

10800 Zombies

HT83 Valkyrie Stone Goblin

The Best Games |Countdown


SAS: Zombie Assault

SAS: Zombie Assault is all about surviving against waves of undead monsters. Earn money to upgrade y...

Infectonator! : World Dominator

Infect people, turn them into zombies, and dominate the World!...


exterminate zombies using your saber!...

Puzzle Prince

Do you have what it takes to battle against zombies, monsters and other bad guys in this amazing loo...


She was your love. Now she's a Zombified. They must pay. Shoot them back from where they came from i...


Zombie infections madness, turn people into zombies in 60 seconds, upgrade your zombies to more powe...


The mining station has been infested by alien zombies and it is your mission to survive. Use your ba...

Dungeon Tactics

A game based on Artificial Intelligence where your every move counts. Beware you need to find your w...

Assassins Madness

a shooting game where you are an assasin... of zombies!!! try to get to various levels, before losi...

Lone Survivor

You are the last survivor of a zombie appocolypse, you must battle your way through increasing horde...


Destroy All Zombies III with some repairs and added features!...


Help the zombie to clear all the levels ! Move the mouse to aim the arrow, and press and hold the l...

Zombie Return

Its that time when it was predicted that they'll strike ....the zombies are back....and theyre gonna...

Desolation 2

This game is based on desolation 1. Even if the gameplay is diffrent and that this game is made with...

Living Night

Zombie Sniping Game. Shoot Down All Zombie before they are escape...


the aim of the game to kill the zombie's if reach the target will move to the next levels,for each l...

Zombie Man 2

The world has gone to hell, and the zombies are taking over. In this game you play both human and z...


A first person shouter, kill zombie on 8 level! Finaly kill the boss and win the game!...