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Air Hockey Game Review

Air Hockey

Air Hockey

Are you in the mood for a cool game of air hockey? Well here is one responsive air hockey game that has you pitched against a player in auto pilot. The game has you playing on the front side and all you have to do is move your mouse around and shoot the puck into a goal.

The game is quite interactive as it gives you the thrill of experiencing fast reflexes as you muster up the speed to defend your goal post while simultaneously bouncing the puck off the sides of the table in an effort to trick your way to the opponents goal. The game gives you four lives so you can only allow up to four goals before you lose the game. Be careful not to puck your own goal in a selfie. You may also notice a plus score point if you shoot your puck through the plus point you will have added one hundred point to your score and if you accidentally make it through the negative sign your score will be deducted by fifty points. The game sports a pause button for when you’re tired all you have to do is press the spacebar to pause the game.


Jumping into the game I took up a challenge to come away with a score of at least one thousand points. My strategy was going to be defensive but I had the chance to take the puck. I noticed that if I moved the puck slowly the opponent player followed my actions and advanced slowly I was able to easily trick the first goal, but luck wasn’t meant to be on my side thereafter. In the next play it was the games turn to shoot and I was too slow to defend my post. I also noticed that when I strike the plus sign more often the opponent computer tends to simulate a defense against the plus sign rather than the goal post and made it a little easier for me to reach my target. Nevertheless , I should mention that the opponents lightening attack is too fast for me and i had a higher probability of scoring when I started game play. when this happens and you find the opponent to fast to muster it is effective to fall back in defense and protect your D and this helped me come away with a score of about two thousand four hundred points before I lost all five goals to three.

I really would like to benchmark my score against those playing this game and see where I stand. Hopefully the gameauthor Koffii will add a global leader board so that I can see how well I perform against the best in the world, will watch out for that and keep you updated the moment it is released.