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Awesome Vehicles Nitro ed.

Super Car Racing

Super Car Racing

Every time a new car game launches, I feel the boy within me and the urge to play such that when I cam across Awesome vehicles within the first few hours of its launch, I strapped right in to play , tweak and see whats different about this one. Very soon did I find that this is an awesome car game in that it has a very simplistic feature and layout giving your fingers less to do and your mind more to crunch. The important difference is that there is no acceleration and the #wasD controls have been minimized to the top and bottom arrows and of course the space bar. In this game you get a predetermined quantity of fuel and need to earn your power through flips a bit like the parable of the talents.  When you do flip, you get nitro fuel injection rewards which take you further.


The objective of the game is simple, get across on a liter of gasoline and keep flipping and doing your tricks to enhance nitro. Enable traction on up curves of the terrain with the forward balance right arrow key . You just might not be able to make it all the way to the end on the first run, but not to worry, you’re gaining reward points that will allow you to purchase power upgrades.Whats most interesting is the upgrade to a jet propulsion engine. If you think this babe a weakling go ahead and slam her to the tracks when you flip , you’d certainly enjoy the power slams brought about by your down arrow…..quite a few game physics concepts adopted in awesome vehicles.

Awesome Vehicle flips and turns

Awesome Vehicle flips and turns

The game is packed with upgrades and shop items, the most interesting of these power ups is the rocket slammer it really is intense giving a feeling of a power slam on your car during flips. You also have the magnet upgrade for attraction power , nitro top ups , 26″ steel radials, hot air balloon lifts , helicopter air lifts and space shuttle air lifts. Skies the limit in this baby. The game takes you three phases world 1 which a normal sandy dune , world two which is more of an icy dune and ud sure need chain wheels and of-course last but not the least world 3 which I will leave as a surprise for you. If you  score and make your  engine the first upgrade you will get  forty percent increase in throughput and earn points faster . You can make your next purchase aka  rocket propulsion increase the slam theme which has this complementing effect of boosting nitro points with excess flips. You should try to get to the Ferrari upgrade … The game is fun and you can play it on Y88 by clicking any of  the images one word of advice is use full screen …panoramic baby!