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An Anime Martial Arts Smah Review

Anime Smash Beta Review

Anime Smash Beta Review

Anime smash is a complete keyboard martial arts game featuring all female avatars, you could be Sasuki with her knowledge of Lightening Jujitsu from the human race or  Naruta skilled at clone jutsu also of the human race in this single or duble player fighting episode. The game developers initially intended to launch a few other anime mangas like Grimm jane, Ichiga, Sesshomayu,  Inuyasa, Edwina and Seeda but dropped the plans as developing a two scheme manga is in itself mind boggling.

The game comes with interesting moves and game play is quite complex. Firstly, you cannot use your arrow buttons and mouse so this is an all keyboard game. Secondly the keys are shared on two player basis making it difficult to be enjoyed by more than one player.Getting into the single player game play the top and bottom arrow keys are shared by the W and S buttons respectively. Press F to confirm your decision and activate selection. The game will then have you in a firce martial arts battle against your opponent who could also be your clone. The most simple of the fighting command is A. Pres A six times for a six hit fighting combo simple as that.The WASD commands serve as the arrow keys and if you press the back key which is obviously S and the A key thrice then you will have executed three punches while lounging backwards.


  Pressng Down and A will give you the ability to sweep and pressing B alone will allow you to throw a kunai. The smoke drop kick can be played with a combination of Down and B and a Back plus B will give you a katana smash. The Back button plus double B will give you slash and the ability to stab while a Back and BC combo will give you slash with lightening.  If you Run forwards and press BB you will execute the front kick launch combo.

anime2A simple C will allow you to use the fireball and a Back plus C will allow you to use the flame breath. Pressing Down C will allow you to use lightening shield and B + C will give you SuperPowers.

With great power comes great responsibility and in this game it is all about having fun. The combinations may appear complex but you do not need to execute them all to fight fair. Just pick up one or two of your favorite moves and have a good old kick boxing time.