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Christmas Newsletter -L2F2 a review

Once again its Christmas and a time to look back at how the old changeth,last week Rebecca Black did it again with her all new hit single Saturday, lol her pop career is sure to be short lived about five more years I'd say :)...anyways Black wish you a White Christmas....more interesting stuff taking place in terms of kids entertainment, online and free gaming.

The icy artic circle is now site of a base camp where a penguin wants to prove the world wrong.

The icy arctic circle is now site of a base camp where a penguin wants to prove the world wrong.

Teens it appears are in a rat race to be adults and adults just yearn to be kids once more. Japanese holiday fashion just got a bit more pompous as maya sama...amusing..... cat fights and lolita party's.

Getting back to basics, I thought I'd take a nostalgic walk-through with some classic games and chose Learn to fly 2 to start with. L2F2 is a story of a cracko penguin who felt insulted to read up wikipedia, or in penguin terms kiwipedia, that penguins had wings like lame ducks and formed part of the nulled bird species after the Ostrich. Feeling quite insulted about this write up and the fact about its inability to fly, the crazy penguin purchased a lot of books and stuff from a nearby bookstore in order to research the dynamics of flight and to prove the universe wrong. So that was the thought process of 'Light Bringer 777' , the author of this crazy game....heard he's very excited about the PS4 launch....they give him all his original ideas.

LB777 culled the  game physics of L2F2 from the monster truck flash engine so it appears he forgot to quick fix the little loops that were originally present in MonsterTruck2...ahh Hollywood when will you mature!

Scientific Principled Penguin

The science between penguins and flying

Going one level deeper into the game, the objective is to get jacko penguin flying using the laws of slide down-gain momentum and launch off... In the first place you have a ramp on which you let Mr.Penguin gain momentum to take off, points are given for the distance you cover from the time you take off to the time you land, in simple terms get as high as possible and as far as possible.Game scoring is on the basis of height and distance with time providing a multiplier effect.

You will be blessed with a cheat at this stage, taking its cue from ski-jumping, in order to gain momentum down the ramp, use the forward arrow button ->, but once you leave the ramp you might want to experiment a bit with all four arrow buttons in order to negotiate your height attained against the environmental conditions you find Mr. Penguin flying through.

The second cheat is to experiment with the landing a bit as you wouldn’t want a ‘plonk type’ landing…..try to get him to skim on the surface a bit …like a stone skipping on water, that should get you through the extra mile.

Getting the hang of the basics will fuel your fun when you get enough reward points to buy performance enhancing stuff :)Oh yes , there are additional points for destroying targets.

Found a few quirks though, if you maintain air resistance at 3% and rocket speed at about 175 you can sail through at about 4500 feet lol. One more cheat is the continue button available on y9 ….press it whilst in rocket propelled mode to whiz from 6000 feet to 8000 feet.  I’m quite sure you’re winning this one,  I do hope you get a hang of the game and have yourself a Merry Christmas.