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Death By Lab - A review

Death Lab

Death Lab

A pulsating shooting puzzler to rock Jan 2014 game launches and still hold the acclaimed indie shooting puzzler is Death labs - a game that gives you a peek into morbid PoW escapes loaded with gore and  acid and Molotov. The game is the genius of Vogd, bringing forth his  bizarre mix of violence and strategy whilst giving you a glimpse of bio chemical experimentation tests  conducted on human prisoners of war like lab rats. ‘fate has its own sense of irony’ said Morpheus in the Matrix…this is what happens when the unseen hand of fate helps a prisoner escape. If you wish to conduct an action packed sniper attack in this encounter then just dont miss ‘Death lab’! The game is well designed and hand holds you through the first few stages first few levels so as to allow you to get a grip over your powerful ammunition and how you can use them to cause havoc in the most dealy ways including death by eletrocution and acid attacks. It also introduces you to the capabilities of Molotov and ricochets alongside the good old favorite hand grenade and a little later the powerful y88 ....


Acid Attack

Acid Attack

The game has a ‘hand of God’ story line, and seems to theme on the #3777 code wherein prisoner #17 who is kept in a human testing laboratory is allowed to escape and cause havoc.

As I said the first few levels are quite simple and seems to be designed to hand hold you to get a grip of the game. Once you’ve earned enough game money you are handed your missions that need to be achieved no matter what.

You may buy yourself ricochet or Molotov upgrades whose price only keeps increasing as the game proceeds, you need to use the weapons conservatively in order to cause maximum damage…try a triple head-shot for size. After level six you’ve passed the tutorial and are ready to combat in real.

Molotov attack

Molotov attack

Game play is simple aim and fire but the clues are all in how many you take out in a single shot, over usage of ammunition will not take you far out of the lab. From level seven onward, your missions are displayed in the upper control panel and if these are achieved you score bonuses.

You also score bonuses for intuitive destruction that minimizes the use of ammunition… So in level seven it goes that you have to use three shots to kill three opponents and that will give you one hundred dollars in game money the secondary point is to achieve three deaths with three grenades and that will give you another one hundred and fifty in game money.

Head Shot

Head Shot

Strategy of the game becomes interesting from level ten upward as you co-ordinate your tactical abilities with the environment and the mission, for example level ten presents you with four soldiers placed particularly around an acid tank and only if you get the weaponry right and the shot right can you take out all four soldiers with just a single ricochet shot. Have morbid fun playing this one.

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