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Anti Industrialization Game

Island - An anti Industrialization Game

Island – An anti Industrialization Game

In the game Island you play the lonely role of a cannibal who will do anything to save his island from industrialization and real estate tycoon. Armed with an axe and spears you have to make your way around the island planting trees and watchtowers or sentry’s that will defend you in case of an invasion by the tycoons. The trees that you plant will enable you to earn more nature points which will allow further additions of sentry’s and watch towers. 

The game has the villains arriving in steam boats from all over the place on your tiny island and you need to take them out as they come. Destroying a speed boat is achieved by hacking it with your axe until its green line turns red at this time you will find that no more can the saints come marching out of there. If you do not destroy the steam boats waves of industrial age merchants will drop out and they will ruin all your hard work and effort by chopping down your sentry’s and trees turning the land into an infestation of commercialization and industrialization.

Your only hope is to destroy the enemy and this is performed by hacking them with an axe or flinging a spear at them. Once your island is conquered the game is over and your reward points score is measured.

Lush Greens Conquered

Lush Greens Conquered

Game play is simple but strenuous as you use the Q or E buttons to with Armour between the axe and the spear. Clicking your mouse will swing the axe or throw the spear. You can move around the island with the arrow keys if you’re right handed or use the wasD keys if you’re left handed.

The beginning of the game has you with 250 dollars of cash with which you can buy trees or sentry towers and plant them on the island. The invaders will start coming in and you will have to swing into action and hack them and their boats in order to save your island. The upgrade levels go one with different types of trees that after harder for the invaders to chop down until you can afford to buy a stone age cannon which will destroy the ships much like sandcastle.