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Get a Band deliver Pizzas Role Play Game

Earn ur way through life delivering Pizzas and getting ready to rock

Earn ur way through life delivering Pizzas and getting ready to rock

Band RPG appears to be a role playing game where you play a member of a garage band trying to make it in life. The game starts when you leave home and register for the auditions and sports a cute car in which you travel. Pressing the space-bar of your computer enables you too the map view and hence where you want to head out for the day.

The game is played in days and your rewards and scores measured in fame , energy and money levels. The car drive controls are the top arrow for acceleration and the left and right arrows for turning in relative directions. The nice part is the car drive as you sway your car you can actually crash right into the auditions , no parking required here. 

The game seems to be a combination of a music, car driving and dress up game. Yes you get to dress up your stars as well. Walking you through the game the first level is naming your band, lets say ‘kaka’ after the Brazilian football star. On day 1 you start out with fifty bucks in terms of money take your car out search for the auditions, press space to view the map. The auditions are on the next block and so is the pizza place. Why not register for the auditions and then go and do some work at the pizza joint to earn enough money for the next day…


So turning left from home I swerved my car through the narrow streets until the second big right and there right in the corner I smashed my car into the auditions place….the house with the ‘Bands Wanted board’. A game dialog then asked if I wanted to book my show there which I did. That made me earn a fame of two points cause the attendance was about five persons and I was rewarded with about five bucks.


Bands Wanted Sign

Bands Wanted Sign

Then I crashed into Pizza Butte and delivered a few pizzas for seven dollars an hour. With each delivery my money score increased and you are guided by the green arrow as to reach the house that has ordered pizzas. The house blinks a bit and all you have to do is crash into the house to deliver the pizza. The arrow serves more like a compass to indicate where the next home is that has ordered the pizzas and you will have to alternate the map view to figure out which is the shortest path to reach there and drive there. Pressing your X button will take you off ‘Pizza Delivery Mode’ as soon as you figure out that you have earned enough money for the day.

You can also choose to work a shift at the pizza place and earn seven dollars an hour but that is going to drain your energy and you will have to go home and recoup for the next day. So that is what I did pressed X to stop delivering pizzas and pressed the X button to return to the non delivery mode. I then drove off to the pizza place and activated my work shift. AT the beginning of the shift I had about 139$ in pocket change and by the time I was drained of all energy  I had about 160. So I drove off home and had a sleep. Once you do crash into your own home you get back to the garage band scene and you have the option of pressing sleep to restore your energy units.

This screen displays the amount of fuel you have in your car which will obviously have to be topped up before running dry and is used when you deliver pizzas. You can press sleep and move into day two with restored energy and you can work your way through the days in order to maximize your fame while maintaining and managing your lifestyle.