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Y88 .in Game

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Games that are fun and cheerful, where anything can happen!
Welcome to the shortest name for fun where you can expect a lineup of the best games from the universe of online gaming. Here you will find fresh and alluring creativity, that sparks your enthusiasm and makes for a more fulfilling online gaming experience.It is all about 'You', centered around your thoughts, wishes and fantasies. In fact puts the dot right IN the center of your social network, as an alternative to sharing your favorite Y8 games on twitter and facebook.

Crystal Story 2
Lina in Crystal Story 2

Lina in Crystal Story 2

If you like a good game of adventure without knowing where it is actually going and what is going to be the objective you might want to not miss the new game launch called Crystal Story II. The game which has some ancient story line is actually interesting cause you’re like wandering from scene to scene without actually knowing what next. Its a game that needs to be discovered not won. The game itself will have you playing multiple roles and personalities from anime fiction and is loaded with hundreds of upgrades and infinite random possibilities.

Game play is quite simple as in normal adventure you have the option of simply pointing and clicking your mouse in order to move your character you also have at your fingertips the option to use the arrow keys and hash wasD keys depending on whether you’re left or right handed. The game will take you from adventure to adventure and is designed to be saved and savoured as you get in deep over months and months of free game play on y88. The game will take you into battle with various types of monsters and dragons and the settings for these will bring about a different type of game play basis the Gold and special points you earned you can use your upgrade skills to play out your attack styles.


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