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Y8 Games are Fun | Come on in !

Y8 Games are an exquisite line up of classic flash games like death lab and shorty covers. In this section you can expect to hitch a hike on a skateboard with kick flip or take down a street mob with bar knuckles in mobs may be the lone survivor.

You can also try the game pack edition of extreme trucks and dropsum. If you're in the mood for some strategy TD is the name of the game . Get the best TD with Heroes of Mangara.

Some of the other fun games in this section are zoo escape where in the animals plan a break out from the zoo. In line with the escape genre is ninja vs pirates and cast away 2.

Dark action hero Shadow brute and bimin 2 fighting dinosaurs are some of the awesome games in this section.

Get a Band deliver Pizzas Role Play Game
Earn ur way through life delivering Pizzas and getting ready to rock

Earn ur way through life delivering Pizzas and getting ready to rock

Band RPG appears to be a role playing game where you play a member of a garage band trying to make it in life. The game starts when you leave home and register for the auditions and sports a cute car in which you travel. Pressing the space-bar of your computer enables you too the map view and hence where you want to head out for the day.

The game is played in days and your rewards and scores measured in fame , energy and money levels. The car drive controls are the top arrow for acceleration and the left and right arrows for turning in relative directions. The nice part is the car drive as you sway your car you can actually crash right into the auditions , no parking required here. 

The game seems to be a combination of a music, car driving and dress up game. Yes you get to dress up your stars as well. Walking you through the game the first level is naming your band, lets say ‘kaka’ after the Brazilian football star. On day 1 you start out with fifty bucks in terms of money take your car out search for the auditions, press space to view the map. The auditions are on the next block and so is the pizza place. Why not register for the auditions and then go and do some work at the pizza joint to earn enough money for the next day…


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