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Welcome SportsSuperStar!

Where can you get it all the ultimate mega hoop of games-games aka games based on sport. Meet your fav tennis girl and take her out on a sporty date with a cool cab or maybe make it to the playoffs of the basketballmasters trophy.

The one place where the jocks are scared of the nerds when it comes to sport as nerds vs jocks play off air hockey in practice sessions of tactical strikes with panaroma animation.This linebacker alley is quite safe and you can goof it all with squiballs against the blondes vs brunettes.

Some of the all time favorites in this section include the likes of farball a basketball sim, achtung die kurve a footbal striker game and sports heads football championship

Get your game on if you cant strike a goal strike a pose and be a cheerleader. Lots of fun sports dress up superstars action and cheerleader games. If you're in the mood for comical action there are a range of sports streaker games like public viewing that will have you in rib tickling laughter.

A Basketball Sim called farball

An amazing basketball simulation game

An amazing basketball simulation game

An amazing  game that simulates a fantastic basket ball pro experience is farball, the game that helps you calculate your throwing arcs and simulates the drop in rate. You can actually use this game to better your game on court.

The game is quite simple, point your mouse and click… to make for a proper basket and …score; However, the game physics is quite intricate, with perfect momentum and ellipse equations incorporated to give you a very life like basket ball sim experience. A cheat at this stage is, when you aim for the basket ….Just imagine the opposite trajectory of the ellipse, in a perfect arc…this should go right through the center of the basket…adjust your cursor till u get that gut feel of a perfect curve…and curve ur basket.

The game is a creation of Maciek Gryzyboski, a Polish game creator and master magician in Game Physics, with other greats like SandCastle and Hit the JackPot. News is Maciek is getting ready to enter the ios and android space…The game is set to give you 10 drop chances, and you score one point with each throw.

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Instant Football

FootBall Match


Turbo Cricket

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Air Hockey

Its time for some quick reflexes, deceptive attacks and solid defense. Oh Boy! Sounds great....

Micro Soccer Football

Funny football game, Addictive sporting game, Have fun !...


Turbo football-heavy metal spirit is very funny bike race game on a foot ball ground!...

Sports Heads Football

Sports Heads is back, and this time it's all about the goals, headers and volleys......

AirHockey 3D

Your favourite live action arcade game in full 3D! Enjoy realistic physics, replays from all angles,...

2 Player Football

Here s a 2 Player mini FootBall game....

Instant Football

Score as many goals as possible within the three minute time frame against the computer....

4th And Goal

Warm up for the Super Bowl with this football game called 4th and Goal! This game was developed with...


Score as many baskets as possible!...


Super Cricket is a splendid game of Cricket...

African Nations Cup Penalty Shootout

Win the African Nations Cup in this Penalty Shootout football game! In true African style the keeper...


2-Players Football(soccer): Choose your player (left or right); hit the ball to score the goal. Win ...

2d Air Hockey

Play against the computer in three levels of difficulties in this fun arcade air hockey game. Be the...

Flag Football

7 on 7 Football with and intuitive, AI opponent and 3 difficulty levels....

Football DeFans

You think you can stop them ... prevent fights of fans in new tower defense....

Flashfooty Darts: Cricket

Cricket is a darts game that uses the numbers 15 to 20 and the bull's-eye. To open or close a numb...

World Cup PK

World Cup Football/Soccer penalty kick tournament. Play group stage and try to advance to the final...

Starling Golf

A game of starling golf, featuring the starlings....