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Get down to earth board games !

Match the runes and move one pace at a time with a collection of classical and innovative board games. Playing Tokyo train or monopoly, snakes or ludo the thrill is enchanting.

You may bring in the Chinese Yin and Yang with year of the rabbit or Presley's Rabbit foot for charms cause here with the rabbits board game its super fun with vtPinata a daffy duck clone..

Runique like checkers is an old timer and dogjong is not yet another Mahjong game the variety is vast with themes from the ancient mayans to the more recent old time gangsters Al Capone. Want to play cards and not in the mood for the more serious gambles then you should try match , nestor or pyramid board games on cards..or if ur on the beach enjoying the sun sea surf and sand you can play cockleshells with an interesting man..the rules are quite simple yet galore he has three shells neath which a treasure has been hidden lore... or maybe you want to create your own board game with your own rules then 2D Platform game maker is your thing.

Air Hockey Game Review
Air Hockey

Air Hockey

Are you in the mood for a cool game of air hockey? Well here is one responsive air hockey game that has you pitched against a player in auto pilot. The game has you playing on the front side and all you have to do is move your mouse around and shoot the puck into a goal.

The game is quite interactive as it gives you the thrill of experiencing fast reflexes as you muster up the speed to defend your goal post while simultaneously bouncing the puck off the sides of the table in an effort to trick your way to the opponents goal. The game gives you four lives so you can only allow up to four goals before you lose the game. Be careful not to puck your own goal in a selfie. You may also notice a plus score point if you shoot your puck through the plus point you will have added one hundred point to your score and if you accidentally make it through the negative sign your score will be deducted by fifty points. The game sports a pause button for when you’re tired all you have to do is press the spacebar to pause the game.


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