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Ambulance Rush A Hell Cops Clone

Ambulance Rush Hell Cops Clone

Ambulance Rush Hell Cops Clone

Somehow while playing ambulance rush I got the feeling its a hell cops clone, the difference between the games being the choice of cars and the vectors for points earned. Ambulance rush gives you a choice of three ambulance vehicles with some trade offs in terms of their speed and mass variance , you may have guessed right as the vehicle becomes heavier you do lose some speed but thats the real world. Now from point go in Ambulance rush your objective seems to be to get the patients to hospital and that means you need to drive through hell and its over glows as you crash into vehicles parked by and knock the hell out of pedestrians jay walking, quite an irony.


Game play is very simple and indeed if your vehicle is higher in mass it seems like you only need an acceleration button. Press the top arrow to accelerate and just keep going over hills and plains , over trucks and cars over pedestrians and folks who are crazily performing stunts in the middle of the road. You can use the left and right arrows to balance or if you wish to perform front and revers flips. The down arrow is for reversing or deceleration depending upon the scenario.

The game does not sport a leader board but is a scoring variety and displays the end of level scores on various achievement levels including patients hospitalized, insane folks knocked down , cars crushed and animals or things crushed.

Playing level two it appears the game developer actually lost it as you have to drive your ambulance in the freaking clouds….!!

If you’d like to level the field with something that actually ends or gives you a thorough gaming feel you might also want to try the other ambulance types namely Ambulance Truck Driver 2 Or everyday hero!