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Batman in Gotham City Rush

Batman Gotham City Rush

Batman Gotham City Rush

Batman is running man in the game of Gotham city Rush, a high adrenaline feature packed game where the only objective is to either gain points or beat some combo levels. As Batman is always running you can actualy play this game with your eyes closed and await for him to lose all his lives, coming away with a neat 16K points but thats not the point . The objective of this game is to make it to the next level and experience the even more superior batman by scoring a gate crash of two million points in each level.

Batman in Gotham City Rush Game

Batman in Gotham City Rush Game

Batman is feature rich in Gotham City Rush and all you have to know is that your left arrow will throw a baterang and your right arro will throw a punch , so as you approach your opponents you have the choice of either skelping him with a baterang or punching his face off. They will be placed at various levels some on the ground and some on girders. Batman is capable of amazing double jump maneuvers simply press the top arrow twice and he will double jump controls are made even more fascinating when you do not release the top arrow for batman will now glide and land. If you press your down arrow while Batmans in mid air he will execute a drop kick and if you press it in normal running he will slide down.

Batman can also execute a few stunts at each level, pressing space-bar will activate the stunts. He can either swing from a fulcrum point that glitters green of grind on a grinding surface. You can press space bar twice for grinding to halt. The game is quite addictive but playfully childish due to its unstrict controls and many lives tending to loose its appeal for lack of challenge.Play