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An adventure game Mario type

Barney an Adventure in customisation

Barney an Adventure in customization

If ever you through you could master the adventures of Barney you’re in for a surprise and Im not talking about the ‘I love you you love me geek’…im talking of the fast moving action adventure game Barney that allows for level customization and you can get to plays others custom level.

The game seems to start with one of those super mario gold adventure themes as you jump from pillar to post and eat all the gold coins , climbing rope and scaling ditches being careful to avoid the wild birds and bees that keep floating around. In this game you can jump on a scorpion to reduce its life span and earn points but dont mess with the bees. Jump and upset the pots to bring the fruits right out of them or go into a neat dungeon to unravel the mysteries of a secret treasure and wait till you scale your reward points to buy your own gun then it becomes a gun fighting game.



Whats interesting about the game is that it allows you to log on and customize the levels of adventures but im not seeking that cause im too lazy so Ill just play someone else adventure customization and feel happy. I did test out the customization and it appears your details do get stored on the jadeware server, which is quite different from the y9 server where its playing at.

Game controls are quite interesting you need to jump with the arrows and move left or right if you use the top arrow to jump on a vertical rope then naturally you are climbing it and if you use it to jump on a horizontal rope you are swing from one end across to the other . The objective of the game seems to collect maximum amount of gold in order to buy upgrades and weapons that will help you scale higher in your adventure.