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Dynamite Blast 2 Review

Dynamite Blast 2

Dynamite Blast 2

Dynamite Blast 2 may appear like a game straight out of terrorist pulp fiction but as you wind through the various levels of the game you tend to admire the art worthiness and skill brought out of the science of structural engineering in an easy to understand flash game.

The first two levels of the game will have you place strategic bombs on the beams of bridges such that you waylay the convoy of vehicles and the cops convoy in levels one and two respectively. But thereafter in level three and four you play the structural engineer who has to bring down buildings without hurting the people around.


A game of structural detonation

A game of structural detonation

Level five and six of this thirty five level wonder tease is about skillful blasting in order to make a bridge on whose one end is an 1820s cyclist awaiting to cross over. If you place the dynamites at the right spots you will tend to form a bridge through the blasts and the cyclist will cycle across. The next level is about getting a car across and so on. Every game level has its cheat cheat enclosed in a neat box titled solution, if you do get frustrated feel free to check the solution.

Game play is quite simple the beginning of the game will have your dynamites attached to the end of your cursor, you just click on the ideal location in your judgement that is right for the placement of the dynamite and it will attach itself. Check you control panel at the bottom to understand how many sticks are allowed per level and place them accordingly. Once you are satisfied with your placements you can press start and the scene will be set according to the give objective of the level. Now you will find that the dynamite trigger form the cursor icon, so simply click when you feel the time is right and get the sequence of your blasts right.