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gothic lolita

Soccer games, penalty shootouts, league matches, get into the soccer action and score a goal.

Presenting a line up of penalty shoot outs , dead locks and soccer mania games. Get your kicks from the turbo line up of action packed soccer games featuring your favorite clubs, leagues and international teams.

The games presented here range from free kicks to allow you to test your aim and timing , to showcasing your favorite stars and teams... go ahead take a side, choose your team and play be it plain old fashioned soccer or the NFL leagues the variety presented is for your gaming street football or play the world cup finals and shootouts.

If you don't wish to compete and just want to relax you can try out the soccer dress up games and get you favorite stars to look as attractive as they perform on field. Maybe you're just in the mood to juggle a football and have those black and white hexagons bouncing off your head to gain ball control....try it..kick and head the ball without dropping it. Try a soccer mashup and play against zombies or maybe the sumo wrestler stars...its fun to think about mixing them all up in one fun game... Be the champ!

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Real Foosball

Physics Cup

Go! Football HD

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Take the control of the white team. Click on the white football and drag your mouse away the ball to...

World Cup Football Quiz

World Cup football has produced some fantastic moments over the years, but how well do you remember ...


Football field is 30 Deg. inclined - your Forward goes deep to opponents side, your Goalkeeper prote...

Football Tennis Gold Master

Test the forces in original game which unites tennis and football. You are waited by good game, sho...


Table soccer with actual premier league teams!...

Beach Soccer

This is a beach soccer game of four players. You can choose to play a single game or a tournaument...


It was an ordinary football game, but suddenly, a crazy dog has appeared on a field...


Aniball is a flash based soccer game. Try the ultimate soccer challenge, Aniball the quirky flash...

Football Madness!

Get to the end zone and score a touchdown! Think you can do it without getting tackled?...

2011 Skills Soccer

Who can reach more than 50 seconds!!! 50 ...


Rules are similar to football, but you have to hit not into gates, but into goalkeeper. But Jabba te...

GO! Football

Kick a ball as many times as you can and win a gold cup!...

2018 Football Classic Block

block,classic,square,60,000 million people like it....

Frantic Footy

Play in three leagues of Five-A-Side football in this game with Amateur being the easiest and Profes...

Go! Football HD

Best kick-up game is back! 12 different balls, includes 4 special super balls. Choose your favorit...


Multiplayer fun! Click and control your gokarts in a range of games including Football, King of the ...


Play a mix of football, airhockey and arcanoid!...

Magnetic Football

Magnetic Football is a flash fun football game. The aim is to score maximum goals within time....


Play with your Team to the most brutal football game Arrows keys to move Shift for shooting...


...there was a situation, when two stupid football players had appeared on a Pool table. It is a mi...

Penalty Fever Plus

Soccer penalty shoot-out game.Help your squad to win the title in one of 10 competitions with more t...